Trace Maya commands executed by the NodeCalculator to return to the user.


The actual Tracer class is in because it is mutually linked to other classes in and would cause cyclic references or tedious workarounds to fix.

author:Mischa Kolbe <>
class tracer.TracerMObject(node, tracer_variable)[source]

Class that allows to store metadata with MObjects, used for the Tracer.


The Tracer uses variable names for created nodes. This class is an easy and convenient way to store these variable names with the MObject.

__init__(node, tracer_variable)[source]

TracerMObject-class constructor.

  • node (MObject) – Maya MObject
  • tracer_variable (str) – Variable name for this MObject.

list of weak references to the object (if defined)


Get name of Maya node this TracerMObject refers to.

Returns:Name of Maya node in the scene.
Return type:str

Get variable name of this TracerMObject.

Returns:Variable name the NodeCalculator associated with this MObject.
Return type:str